Mike Devore strives to be present.  Whatever that means to you is how you choose to interpret it.  He feels you are not wrong and neither is he with his intentions. 

After going through a semi-ok divorce, Mike re-prioritized his comedy to ensure that it is purely genuine and more importantly, present.  He explores mindsets, he creates moments out of mistakes, but most importantly he is present.

Mike has accomplished a lot in five short years.  He booked his own tour twice, got in a bunch of festivals, met a lot of connections.   He did all of that because that was what he was SUPPOSED to do.

Now he wants to explore what MIKE DEVORE wants to do. 

And Mike Devore wants to be present.

His intentions are pure.  Trust him.

Or don’t.  You don’t have to do shit. You’re human as fuck. 

Previous Festivals:

2018 Dallas Comedy Festival
2018 North Carolina Comedy Festival
2017 Laughin LaughFest
2017 Burbank Comedy Festival
2017 Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival
2017 Redwood Comedy Festival
2017 San Diego Comedy Festival
2016 Sonoma Laughfest
2016 Sacramento Comedy Festival
2016 Ventura Harbor Comedy Festival