Growing Pains

Hello my name is Mike and I turned 30 a few weeks ago.  Never thought I felt old.  I am always young at art.  When people find out my age they go "Wow really?  I seriously thought you were much younger than that!"  That makes me feel good and vain at the same time.  Yes keep believing that I am younger than I actually am.  I THRIVE on it.  I need it to live.

Ever since I turned 30 though...I've been feeling the effects.

A few weeks ago, My nose hairs have been bothering me.  MY NOSE HAIRS!  WTF Mike, you used to not think about shit like this.  Now I'm googling "How to remove nose hairs safely." WHO am i?  What have I become? And why do we need nose hairs?  According to the webs, it's supposed to collect moisture and air particles from entering the nasal cavity, however every day they tickle me nose.  Yes I said me nose.  

Turns out there are forums for those who are inquiring about this type of information.  Many of whom, are like me: Fresh naive thirty year olds facing the repercussions of surviving this planet long enough to have hair grow towards their body.  They show up and are like "Hey...this may seem kind of weird, and I'm not old yet, but my body is changing and I don't know what to do" and other people comment back like "Well well well...welcome to the golden age young blood."  

I immediately cut my internet off after reading that.