Military Contract Negotiations

I've been seeing people post memes about Military Pay and why others shouldn't get a raise. Again I think that's bullshit.  Instead of trying to take things away from other people, why don't we step up our game and start negotiating for more money.

Why can't we negotiate?!?! We ARE signing contracts.  Why Can't I Hire a sports agent to do the talking?!?!?!  That would be dope!

Can you imagine someone from the CAA trying to negotiate with the Navy on my behalf?!?!?

"Excuse me, but this contract is unacceptable.  My client demands are as follows:"

1) His own fighter jet
2) Mandatory naps after chow
3) Courtside seats to World War 3

it's time to find our self worth!  It's time to find our own value!  Yeah sure,  I guess I'm in the world's finest Navy, But i'm trying to get that paper!

If an athlete doesn't like what one team is offering, he can find another team that's willing to pay more.  Countries should do that as well.

I could be a second class Petty Officer in the US OR I could be a Four Star Admiral in Zimbabwe. I would put the team on my back! (i'm pretty sure Zimbabwe is Landlocked though)

If that did happen I would definitely see where my career would take me, but I would also come back and retire with my first team.