Sports Fans are the worst

Not a fan of sports fans.  Came to this realization after watching my beloved Chargers lose their 2000000th game of the Season.  As soon as I get in my car to drive away from the house, I turn my radio on to sports talk where the hosts take calls from the fans.  Every week it's the same when they lose.


These bumpkins of society are calling for a someone's livelihood!  I get it, we're all not perfect, but Sports is the only form of entertainment where people can be vocal about losing your job.  No one is calling into AM radio, asking for the host, and demanding normal people to lose their jobs.

"THEY NEED TO FIRE MATT from Cinnabon!  He Hasn't done ANYTHING for that company!  FIRE HIM NOW AND REPLACE HIM WITH XI JINPING From Panda Express!"

It just baffles me because NONE of these people can do what these professional coaches can do. 

The host even asked the caller for his recommendations, and even then it's farfetched.

"What would you do Todd from Lakeside?"
"Um you know, first i'd figure out my team's shortcomings, fire them, and then rally behind that sweet arm of Philip Rivers!"

I don't get it.  I understand that people do not want to pay money to watch their team lose.  But that is why San Diego fans suck!  As soon as our team starts to fail, we hop off board that band wagon.  

At least I respect Raider fans.  They STICK by their team through the thick of it.  It's like my best friend said "If you didn't want us at Jamarcus Russell, then you don't deserve us at Derek Carr".