Passive Aggressive Stand Still

I try my best to fight the good fight against people who are douchebags in public.  Whether it be able-bodied people parking in a handicap spot or people just being inconsiderate to others for the sake of their own selfish ways, I do what I can as a citizen to put a stop to that.

There is a dog park that I like to frequent here in San Diego.  The entrance to the park requires going down a one way street in order to get to it.  Out of the hundreds of times I've been to this park, I've only had two experiences of someone driving the wrong way on this road.

Today was experience #2.

Before I go any further I want to state the fact that I'm not a great human being myself.  I try my best to be a decent member of society and at times I fuck that up. I get it...I'm not perfect.  The reason I do choose to fight this battle is because this issue could cause an accident for people not expecting a car to come at them on a one way street.  I wouldn't want to run into something especially if the street that I'm turning from is busy as fuck.

The first time this happened, I blocked the person from driving down the wrong side.  I purposely stopped in front of their vehicle and signaled then to back up.  In this instance, the driver didn't see the sign and was genuinely sorry.  She thanked me and went on her way.

This time around, this douchebag saw me driving down this road and decided to drive the wrong way anyway.  Again I blocked him from going forward and gave him the signal to back up.  He yelled at me "Hey just move over to the side I can squeeze through."  I replied back "Nope.  Back up.  You're driving down a one way street."  

He goes "Come on man!  Don't be a dick! Just move out the way, It's hard for me to back up!"  I yell back "Nope.  You gotta back up.  You're driving down the wrong way"  

He then says "I ain't moving!" and just sits there in his car blocking the traffic.

I reply "Alright! No biggie!" and I shut off my engine.  

He sits there and starts getting impatient.  Cars are starting to pull up behind me and they start honking.  Growing irritable he finally gives up and starts backing up.  He pulls into a parking spot, lets me pass and drives up behind me yelling at me from his car.

Not going to lie, this is the first time during this entire interaction I thought "What if this dude is crazy? What if I fucked up and this guy is carrying?"

The entire time while in the middle of that street, I was in control because I KNEW he was in the wrong.  I didn't see past that part of the encounter.  It was like a game of chess where I had him in check and in one foul swoop he takes my queen and my manhood.

So I'm nervous as fuck but I act cool in my car.  I don't budge.  He yells out at me just staring me down "What the fuck is your problem?!?!"  I yell back "Dude nothing is my problem" but in my mind i'm like "What the fuck IS my problem?  I should've just let him go." and he continues to stare at me.  

I pretend to not let it get to me, so I just start pulling out my phone. Getting ready to video tape my last moments on earth.  Thinking to myself, man is my death about to go viral on worldstar hiphop?

Title reads "Overzealous dog owner gets mirked by some white dude in a camero."  

He yells out to me again, you're a fucking asshole do you not have anything better to do?"

I yell back "Nope!" and pop my head back in my car.  I'm glad he could only see my cool demeanor in my head, because the rest of my body was shaking.

I get it.  he's mad.  he's upset, because people don't like to be told that they're wrong.  It's an ego thing.  People hate it!  I hate it, but if you're in the wrong you're in the wrong.

He stares me down some more and finally drives off.  I wait like a good ol 10-15 hours to make sure he's gone.  I leave my car and take my dogs into the park.  You would think that I'd be fine, but no i'm still paranoid!!!  I'm not even watching my dogs at this point, I'm looking around for a black camaro to pull into the parking lot and each time a black car pulls in, I tense up. But as soon as I realize that it's another human being, I relax and say "Yeah that's right he better not show up."

As much of a pussy I am, Ultimately, it WAS this guy's fault.  I can just imagine how pissed off he was when he was trying to tell this story.  How is that going to end up?

"Yeah and then this guy wouldn't fucking move!  He made me back up and go the other way!"

"Was this a one-way street?"

"I mean yeah, but still it's the principle!"

Long story short, this wasn't a "who's dick is bigger" contest (because I know I'm filipino) as it was more of a "Don't be a dick" contest where everyone should strive to be a winner.