Check Engine Lights

For the past few months I've been driving around with a check engine light.  I've been wanting to deal with it, but I didn't have the funds to do so.  The only reason I want this light off is because I can't remote start it with it on.  I honestly think it's the most ballest thing that I can do for my age.  As we walk towards my car people be like "Wait, did you start the car? I'm like "Yee" and they're like "please stop talking to us like that."

With the help of my wife's family I was able to (hopefully) fix the problems.

It got to a point where my car would Idle aggressively.  I'm not a car person, but even I knew it was a problem.  I took my car to my usual shop and dropped it off.  I was like "Yo Colin, peep this problem B." and he was like "please don't talk to me like that" and I was like "coo".  

A few hours later he called me up and was like "Hey Mike, just took a look at your car. I ran the diagnostic codes.  Unfortunately I'm not equipped to deal with this type of engine so I'm not going to charge you anything. I recommend you to take it somewhere who specializes in this sort of thing."

I'm like oh, like a mechanic?  (kept that to myself)

So I picked up my car and brought it back to the house and my brother and father in law were there.  They took a look at the codes, did some googling, and were like "Hey so this is the problem, it looks like it's the bearing within your cover valve"  

I just nod and pretend like I know what the hell they're talking about.  I'm like "Oh yeah, duh I should've totally saw that coming. stupid bearing."

Called around to several dealerships for the parts and found the best price at one.  Placed an order over the phone and was told it would take five business days to get here.  I was like ok cool.

The next day I get a call from the dealership saying that they overnighted the part.  Yeah that's why people don't trust dealerships!  They lie to your face! "Oh we'll get it to you in a couple of days...SIKE we got it to you ASAP." fucking liars man.  

I grab the part and head home.  The family puts the part in and my car starts running smooth.  I drive it around for several days and the light is still on.  We take it to the dealership and tell them the issue and they're like "we can just turn off the codes and see if they come back on." So you're telling me it's that easy?  Like you can make all my problems disappear?!?!?!

They turn it off, and the codes haven't come back.  Now I'm thinking...what if I didn't need the part to begin with?  Stupid father in law.