Stupid Kid making me lose my stupid dog ball

Yeah that's right.  This little shit asked to use my dog launcher today at the park.  Normally I decline because I don't want any kid to lose the ball that I paid $7.82 for (it's a nice squeaky chuck-it ball that doesn't squeak because my dog broke it yet I still keep it because my dog likes to chase it around for the first five minutes of the dog park before she runs away and eats dog poop).  

However, going against my better judgement, I decided to let him take a go at it.  I purposely made him face away from the fenced area (we were about 6 feet away from it) and I had him launch the ball towards an open field.  Not only is this kid a dumb dumb, he also lacks zero athletic ability. As he was supposed to launch the ball at the apex of the trajectory (I know science I'm not a dumb dumb like this dumb dumb), he didn't so the ball bounced back towards the fence and it went over.

God Damn it you stupid haircut looking kid.

He just looked at it like "Oh.." and his DUMB idiot idea was to try to use the launcher to reach for the ball through the chain link fence.  BUT YOU CAN'T because the launcer is 2 feet long and the ball is in another zip code.  HE Almost put the entire launcher through the fence before I calmly told the kid "No don't do that".  It's like his thought process was like "Hey you know how I lost your ball?  Let's get rid of everything you paid for so no one will ever know!" Great idea kid.

I honestly wanted to throw the kid over to get the ball for me, but I chose not to because I am trying to be a civil adult.  I should've known better when I saw this 5 year old with training wheels park his bike outside the park while his dad brought their dog in.  I could tell that the dad wanted nothing to do with this kid because he kept yelling back to the kid "You're my biggest mistake, but I love you!".  

Like seriously, this shouldn't bother me at all.  REALLY this shouldn't.  I LITERALLY just listened to a podcast about this MMA Fighter who battled depression as a teenager and turned to wrestling as an outlet to become great and develop character.  Only to suffer a significant elbow injury and became addicted to painkillers.  When he finally received the surgery he needed he went on to become a contestant on the Ultimate Fighter while hiding his addiction from his teammates.  Once he got his contract he kept fighting and using drugs to the point he was kicked off his team and was sent into the lowest point of his life.  Once he became sober he decided to do some humanitarian work and he now builds water wells for the Pygnys of the Congo because he realized some things were just more important in life.  Now when this fighter steps into the cage, he donates his entire check to his organization that is designed to help out these forgotten tribe.

I drove in my car earlier in the day and heard that story and yet I'm still mad about a fucking ball.

As far as jumping over the fence, I couldn't.  There was no support beam on top of the fence to keep me stable if I were to attempt to get my fat ass over it.  So I waited until someone from that area walked by to throw it over.  No one showed up. 

That dumb kid and his father left with their dog named Batman.  They had a really cool dog. Like Batman was super fun and loving, not like that dumb child.  

I tried to drive around to see if I could just park and grab it from the other side, but to my luck it's a gated community.  I saw people by the entrance of the front of the complex but I felt it would've looked sketchy in my part. "Um excuse me sir, can I come in?  I left my ball in your yard" 

I just drove home balless.